Your Birthright

Are you aware of how good your body is meant to feel?

How can we know how good we are meant to feel if the only feelings we know are bad or worse, and maybe okay?

Do you know the alive and renewing feeling of breath filling your lungs? Of spaciousness freeing each rib?

The feeling of breaking apart stagnant energy, stress and tension to be left with relaxation, ease and relief?

How about the intimate feeling of a breeze kissing your skin? Or the sun holding your body in light? Cool soil supporting your feet and calming your mind? Water taking you into its dimension, absorbing you, and the feeling of it flowing between your fingers?

If these feel foreign, or too romanticized for you then you are not aware of how good you are meant to feel. These things seem to be experienced in a less sensational way on a daily basis. Perhaps bathing, or sighing.

But I assure you, it isn’t just some writing on a screen. Its a real life experience.

We spend all our lives in our heads, constantly in our minds. Becoming desensitized, and numb to the rest of our body. We come to identify with the mind and completely forget we have an entire body that holds our souls.

Food is meant to swoon your taste buds into a space in time where there is none else but that flavor.

Water is meant to take you into a whole other world, enliven you, revive you, and cleanse you down to your very core.

Air is meant to fill you, surround you, and caress the hairs on your skin filling you with chilling sensations that are felt all over the body. Where warmth of the sun then holds you in light filling you with peace and serenity.

But how can we know the pleasures in life if we spend it denying them?

You are meant to feel good.

We are humans with many senses. Choosing each moment as a human to experience these senses. Each bite of fruit, each silken blanket, each breath.

Existence, life, is sensual and intimate. It is a gift, that has been treated as a chore.

I call from my primal human nature to yours, wake up. Dearest one, wake up.

Feel the earth between each toe. Feel the fingertips of a loved one soothe your mind. Feel the laughter and breath that exudes from your lungs. Feel the liquid of your coffee spill onto your tongue.

Life is ecstacy. It is heaven. It is nirvana.


Life is miserable. Life is hell. Life is oblivion.

It is your choice. Step out of your head and into presence. Start with one breath, and another, again and again. Soon, you will feel yourself walking out of the gates of hell, and into the light of heaven.

Breathe, allow, feel, sense. You are meant to feel good. It is your birthright, to feel good.

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