Why I Am Herbalist

This isn’t a blog post about my wonderful journey down the plant path, how I found my way here and how they have created miracles in my life.

Now that isn’t to say it’s not all true. Plants continue to save me and show me miracles everyday. This post is just focusing on an extremely important aspect of my journey – why the heck I’m even creating products and selling them with our beloved plant allies.

First, I would like to tell you why I am so passionate about the work I do and what I’m doing it for.

My goal since the beginning of my earth embodiment awakening has been to fulfill the calling I heard then, and still hear everyday now. To be a magician, an alchemist, a messenger of the natural world. Translating its wisdom, harnessing its magic, awakening connection to it through the hearts of others in a way, in a language that can be understood by modern desensitized and modern overestimated people.

To help our bodies remember what communing and unionizing with nature is like, to remember wellness, wholeness, love and harmony. To help us remember that nature provides everything humans will ever need, to help us remember that being human is not a burden where we are imprisoned in a flesh bag we can’t get out of – but rather an extremely sensual, heightened, glorious, beautiful, complex and temporary experience to be deeply cherished, honored and embodied.

I work with the natural world to help others hear, listen and answer the call it has for them. To bring wellness not by covering up symptoms and burrying and smothering pain but by helping all to remember that wellness is already what we are, what we are born to be. To teach how to uncover ourselves from the chaos, overwhelm, shock, trauma, toxins, and disembodiment that disconnects us and blocks us from our full aliveness.

To bring wellness to all from a holistic level. Helping us all to acknowledge our wholeness, that we are not a single part, but a whole and beautiful, sentient sensitive being. Complex and real. To help us remember that an imbalance of one part, is an imbalance to the whole and the way to achieve balance once again is to get back to our roots.

Nature has spoken to me time and time again of this wisdom, asking to be shared and I couldn’t be more honored, grateful and joyful to be a forever student of nature and alchemist of its teachings. I channel the incredible wisdom, energy and love I receive from nature into the modern culture. Slowly and surely, gently and powerfully, bringing us closer to nature again one person, one “product” at a time.

Every time we choose a hand made, plant based, ritual created, love infused, ethically made product we say yes and open up more to the call of our truth, wholeness and nature and shed another layer keeping us desensitized to these things.

My intention and calling in working with plant medicine is to help restore balance within the world. To help change the way we live on our Mother. To help us all remember – on subtle and obvious levels, that we are connected to nature and interconnected with all that is. To help us remember our birthrights as fully human and fully divine beings.

Each item I create is a co-creation between myself, the divine, and the plant ally spirits and nature. The medicine, wisdom and everything that comes into manifestation is far more than what can be put into words in this blog post. Each item will affect every individual differently, according to where they are at in their lives, bodies, minds and spirit at that moment in time on the blueprint of their soul journey. I work with all from where they’re at on their journey and consciousness level, reaching into the depths where nature is nearly unheard of, and bring them back to their true essence. My goal is to help re-weave the green thread through all of our hearts to patch up the missing pieces that are only found through the connection and healing of the threads of nature.

I’m here to bring us all back home. To unite in healing. To anchor love. Activate liberation. Provoke embodiment.

Each item I make is a salve to the soul, a portal to within, a piece of the puzzle of what connects us to nature, an answer to questions, and a medicine to transform life.

Not simply by my own making, but through the union of my own embodiment and empowerment along side the power and magic of the plants themselves and the love and creative power of the divine.

I am a forever student of nature, and a forever alchemist with it. Forever love-making with life and it’s gifts. With my herbalist journey I bring these gifts to all people. Where we may think they are receiving pain relief, we are also receiving so much more and a deeper connection to ourselves and the world is one of them. The healing power of nature is undeniable once it’s received and the tools I create and offer – whether that be a tea for a sick neighbor or an aroma oil for a client, bring in this healing power and anchor it within our subtle energies, creating a ripple effect outward until embodiment awakening happens, and continues to happen throughout our time here.

Every massage with plant fats, every inhale of botanical steam, every sip of tea, every in between moment to take a tincture – it all brings us closer and closer to home. To our inner essence.

I am Herbalist because it is my souls work to bring us back home. I am Herbalist because love is my calling, teacher and belief. I am Herbalist because nature is calling us all back home and I humbly serve all – teachers, herbalists, witches, realists, and everyone and all alike. I am Herbalist to honor the call of nature as she as called me. I am Herbalist because being in harmony and one with nature and being alchemists of it in our own way is all of our birth right, I am simply helping to plant the seeds of this – and providing water and nourishment for them.

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