The Infinite Loop of Life 

Vibrational Pull, Vortex, Karma, Law of Attraction, Geometric Torus, Spiral of Life, Infinite Loop, etc. These concepts though seemingly different are actually the same. They all say the same thing. What is within, so without. As above, so below. You get what you give. It is simply a loop of life. 

Nothing is seprate from this. We breathe in, and it circles back out.  The flower brings life into it, and down into the Earth, sucking nutrients from the Earth and back into the air. This is the loop of energy that surrounds and connects everything. 

How we perceive,feel, think, or say something is put out into the world and circles around causing our reality because this like all else is energy.  Our energy beginning inside of us is put out into the universe and then brought back to us. What happens within happens without. 

This is why becoming consious of this spiral, this loop, is so important. Being aware that everything is connected in this way– and that this is what creates our reality is what can transform our very being. Becoming conscious that what we see outside is a result of what is happening inside. Everything begins within the source of a being. Everything vibrates, and lives. Nothing is separate from the infinite Loop of Life. Nothing is serpated at all because of this loop. 

You can choose to change the frequency and vibration of your own source, to change your own reality loop. Whatever you are perceieving on the outside of you is a result of what’s happening on the inside. If you send out low vibrations (anger, fear, hate) you can expect it to come back to you as a Natural Law of the Universe, of Life. If you go inside of yourself and become conscious of what is, you have the ability and the power to change cycles, habits, and even the way your brain is programmed entirely. So that you then put out higher vibrations (joy, happiness, tranquillity). 

Allow yourself to accept this concept. See beyond what is perceived by the eyes. Transform your Infinite energetic loop and so will the loop of your life transform. 

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