Unity Consciousness: Lets Help Each Other Home

As I write this post I want everyone to be aware that our own unique inner wisdom and knowledge is what we should always go to for answers. Do not misunderstand what I say, for everything is ONE. 

Yes, of course look to ourselves because everything we seek is within us. However, the journey through this and even beyond this isn’t meant to be taken alone. Without our fellow beings in our lives there would have been lessons unlearned and growth stunted. Even as spiritual leaders we must remember not to block ourselves from being teachable, and from receiving. If we are not teachable we will remain stuck. The growth potential is unlimited in this vast universe. 

We aren’t meant to take this trip on Earth alone. We all came here as one whole unity consciousness, we just simply keep forgetting. Even as spiritually “enlightened” beings, I have seen us forget to allow ourselves to be teachable and open to receive. We are always learning and always growing. 

We are all here, together, to help each other. This is Unity Consiousness. We all work as one. When we receive we should give, but when we give we should receive. It is a balance and fluid flow that brings ultimate contentment and peace. 

Do not forget to allow yourself to be a master and a begginer always. Help those who can benefit from your lessons and also receive lessons and help from those whom you can benefit these things from. 

We are always all working together as one consciousness. Remember this.