Feeling Lost in Our Spiritual Journey 

As we begin to awaken more and more as a collective, we begin to search for more and more ways of evolving and growing spirituality. Sometimes we can feel lost, then other times we feel right on track. Then we go back and forth from feeling emotional baggage to feeling the high states of bliss. It is so important to remember that the spiritual path to ‘enlightenment’ is a lifelong journey and that this is all part of that process. 

When we feel lost, we sometimes have the urge to seek outside of ourselves for help. This is not wrong, however it is important to remain mindful that we aren’t solely depending on outside sources for the wisdom and answers we seek. We can seek outwardly but it is important that we make sure that rather than believing what others say, we check in with ourselves first and see if it resonates with our highest truth. 

As our spiritual journey unfolds and evolves at the times we feel lost it is a good thing to remember that the journey has its seasons just as the Earth does. A pause for winter and new begginings for spring. It is this way when we feel stagnant or stuck as well. We may feel like we have all we can to make progress spiritually, and we are correct, we have. We go through the pauses to take time to heal what needs to be healed at that time, along with taking time to focus on what it is we truly desire and what we are doing next. If we don’t know what we are doing next, Source has a funny way of laying it out in front of us when the time is right. 

We must trust in ourselves, our guides and Source to provide the next steps when we just can’t seem to find it ourselves. We aren’t alone and we don’t have to figure everything out all the time. Sometimes it’s as simple as letting things be, working on ourselves, and waiting for our next move. 

When we remain open to this possibility and take advantage of the pauses, we allow ourselves to be open to receiving what we are asking for and then when the time is right, it will be there. It is the movement of divine synchronicity. 

When you feel lost or stuck, focus on taking the pause life is providing for you to figure out what you can do in this moment to better yourself and your life, then, life/Source will lay out what it is you are being asked to do next. If you remain open, you will know and you will see it when it shows up. 

Take the period of pause to reflect, renew, and release. Then you will launch into a period of rebirth, growth, and awakenings. Remember that this is a never ending progress and that this never ending process is truly the gift we have chosen to receive by being humans on this plane. We are always growing and always learning if we just loosen our grip and go within. 

Love and light to all of you. ~