Infinite Possibilites



The ego, is fear based and controlling; the ego has tunnel vision. If we are stuck in our ego we see only one way, one right and many wrongs. We must be like clouds–always shifting and allowing ourselves to change and take on different forms. Change is inevitable, of course. The ego fights against this change. While our open and expansive self, our inner wisdom knows there is infinite possibilities.

There is infinite possibilities, and millions of realities. You go outside and look at the clouds– you may see what looks like a heart…but then it changes. Not only does it change, it allows itself to flow through the change, to shift and change perspective. Not demanding other clouds do the same thing, no. In fact, this cloud will allows itself to become one with the other clouds.

We must be like clouds.

Our inner essence knows that we are infinite. That there is many different realities in and with everyone– that there is no wrong way of being or seeing. We must connect to this, we must be open. Flowing through the different parts of ourselves and life, allowing ourselves to change perspectives. To change who we are. Ever growing, and ever expanding.

We will never reach unity, and oneness if we continue to allow  ourselves to remain in the only-my-reality-is-right mindset. We will block ourselves of love, wisdom, consciousness, and all the beauty the Universe has to offer. We must be like clouds, and connect to our infinite Inner Essence.

Love to you, Namaste’