Strength In Times Of Struggle

A new age is coming. An age of unity consciousness, and mass awakening. However, the rainbows and sunshine isn’t going to just come out of nowhere. We are being urged to do some work. Work on our own inner issues and blockages so that we can actually align with this new reality, and match our vibrations to that of this consciousness that brings ultimate happiness. 

We are being asked to draw from our inner strength now, in all that we do. We must use all the elements in our favor as being in this flow of abundance, opportunities and possibilities are limitless. When we stay in a balanced state of peace, we draw from the life force to bring into manifestion that which is the highest good for all concerned. Herein lies the strength of a true leader. 

In essence, we are all leaders, and we all have the answers we seek already within. We must tap into our inner strength as chaos and emotions arise. 8 is the number for strength and 8 is a symbol of the lemniscate which is an ancient symbol of healing. Our awareness and “enlightenment” is interconnected with the life force that resides in the center that we draw our strength from. 

Mediating, or simply remembering the interconnectedness on the lemniscant will help to assist us in finding the strength to heal issues that are arising at this time helping us to achieve a balanced state of well being. With focusing on and achieving this strength of a healthy body, mind and spirit we will be successful in all we choose to do. 

Connecting with our strength is crucial as chaos rises internally and externally. We must find the courage now to overcome these issues. Fight war not with war but the power and strength that comes from love. The elements are working in our favor and it is time to use them for the greatest good of all. The time is now. 

Take your power back. Ignite your flame dear ones!