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Love and light to all the beings of this infinite universe!


Past Life Healing

​Past Life Healing is really crucial to moving forward in our Ascension process, developing our spiritual awareness, and living much more happier lives. Most come into this life carrying the weight of karmic debt, and unresolved self issues that deeply affect our lives.

When we feel like we are in viscous never-ending cycles of suffering, have pain or disease that never seem to heal or even sometimes can’t be diagnosed by a doctor, and we just simply feel like we are constantly held back by something we are unaware of it is most always tied into issues of past life chains and ties.

In receiving past life healing we receive instant healing due to the fact that it targets and takes us to the very root of many, many issues. It allows healing in all areas and aspects of our lives in all dimensions and planes. It is an intense release and brings a new start and a clean slate helping us to hold only the positive aspects and lessons from the experiences. Past life healing can heal past issues from previous lives as well as past traumas physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually in this life. This type of healing can remove ties and chains to events that block us from reaching our full potential in all things.

Past life healing is deeply personal and requires trust, so it is recommended that it be done through video chat through Facebook, Zoom App, or if another method is preferred it can be discussed and mentioned upon check out; if a certain event or other issue is of concern this should be mentioned as well. These sessions are typically 1 hour long, and the healing will continue and the amazing results progress throughout our entire lives.

Love is Always The Answer 

Through geostorms, pole shifts and energy waves; chaos and healing; ascension and reprogramming; the merging of worlds/dimensions and falling of corruption and lies; whether it’s within or without, the very core of everything is love. If you feel deep enough, look deep enough, you will see the essence of love and divinity. 

Even for things as small as anger, or being so exhausted we cannot function properly. Everything is either a calling for love or an action for love. Whether it’s self love, or divine unconditional love from those we love. Look deep, feel deeply and you will know this. 

As we go through times of pain, struggle, and fatigue we must remember love. Love is the highest vibrational frequency and let’s be honest, the best feeling that we can have. The best part is, it’s inside of us. Love is the foundation of who we are and to feel loved we just need to access it. Act in love and be in love–with ourselves, our lives and those around us. 

There is huge shifts happening, massive awakenings and upgrades happening. This is causing us all to release things we had no idea were there, along with what we did know. Rather than getting irritated and reacting in old ways, and with negative thought patterns and the fear based mind, we are being asked to act with love, compassion and forgiveness. 

These are the times where we have amazing opportunities to look within ourselves to really see what needs to be healed, and the energies around us are hear to assist us in healing them. This is a time, if anything, our character shows the most. Are we of spirit? Or are we of the past negativity we hold onto? Do we choose to create our reality? Or do we choose to stay in the unhappiness we created? 

All of the events cause us to go within and when we find something we don’t like, send it love. Love is Always The Answer. Love heals, love empowers, love is power. Love conquers all. 

I love you. You are loved. Love yourself. I promise, it’s in everything. Just see it. Just feel it, and let it liberate you from darkness. Let it transend your fears. 

Yoga: Union of the mind, body and soul. 

Yoga is an ancient art of unifying the mind, body, and spirit through physical and mental discipline. Yoga originated in India and was used for enlightenment. “Yoga” is Sanskrit and means “union” with the main belief being that health and well being are derived from physical, mental and spiritual harmony. 

Though there many forms of yoga, there are Five Paths or the five main forms of yoga: 

Hatha yoga: Yoga of Vitality- focusing on physical poses and breathing control. 

Bhakti yoga: Yoga of Love- focusing on changing and meditation to bring connection with the divine. 

Karma yoga: Yoga of Selfless Action- philosophical focus teaching to serve others without seeking reward purifies the mind and body 

Jnana Yoga: Yoga of Knowledge- Has an intellectual approach and involves the study of ancient scriptures to lift the veil of illusion 

Raja yoga: releases mental and psychic abilites, concentration and breathing control. 

The western belief is that yoga has to be challenging physically and has to be more like fitness. However yoga includes exercise, pranayama (yogic breathing), relaxation, meditation and even a pure diet (the yogic diet). 

It’s become more popular in the western world but there are people that still are led astray because their focus is on anything else other than their physical beings. We must remember it is all connected and with the assistance of yoga we can achieve balance and harmony in our minds, bodies,  and spirits, as yoga leads us to the inner essence of our being. 

You can research the best yoga style that will fit you based on your lifestyle and begin there. Yoga doesn’t have to be an hour long full of vigourous movements. Find what works for you.