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Dowsing/Divining: Answers to Your Deepest Desired Questions

Divinity Dowsing or Divining is a scientific art that is used to bridge the gap between the analytical mind and the intuitive side of our being; it connect the physical with the  Divine. It was used in the 18th century to find water wells by the French and is now used for a plethora of… Continue reading Dowsing/Divining: Answers to Your Deepest Desired Questions

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Intuition and Psychic Practices 

Intuition is something we all have within us. Intuition is our spirit speaking to us. It is the whisper that when we follow and trust it, it will lead us down the path of our highest good and happiness. Unfortunately, with cultural conditioning, chemically/poisoned food and water,  and being so focused on what others think… Continue reading Intuition and Psychic Practices 

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7 Base Chakras: What Are They?

The Chakras are wildly talked about in the healing and spiritual conscious community. This is because whether we know or believe it or not, the Chakras are important. Illness, disease and dis-contentment of any kind are often the cause of a chakra or chakras. While feeling happy, having optimal health, and an abundant life is… Continue reading 7 Base Chakras: What Are They?

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Introducing… The Inner Essence! 

Hey there! Now that The Inner Essence is officially open I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself (the lady behind the screen), and my goal for this Blog and The Inner Essence.     First, my name is Ecclisia Chapman and my well-known nickname is Cici. I live in Arizona and I am… Continue reading Introducing… The Inner Essence!