Collective Energies and Message 04/30/17

The time of being a victim is no longer. The Earth is experiencing GREAT changes. Healing energy and activations surround the entire globe now. We are all healing, every last one of us. Whatever is no longer necessary for the collective is being resolved and released. 

Our so called faults as humans are becoming our virtues. Humanity’s past does not equal to our beautiful future. We are all healers, we have all gone through hardships, and survived. We have been wounded and healed. We may have gone through challenging times but we are now healing on deep levels. Healing energies, energies of deep transformation and activations are happening and flowing into all of us NOW. Our strength lies in the difficulties that we have overcome.

All of our energetic systems are being activated. Our DNA is being surged with healing energy and being activated. We are becoming one with the divine. We are all asked to do the inner work necessary to life the veils and have self realization. 

We are about to experience a sudden burst of new-found energy. We can use these energies to put towards creative projects, or an activity we are involved with. This energy will help us, undoubtedly, get greater insights on our spiritual journey. Be prepared to experience these powerful activations which may being out sudden changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits, and areas of interest. Be open to where these activating and healing energies take you and we will experience discover new gifts that expand our sense of who we are and our place in the Universe. 

It is a good time to get involved in environmental projects, attaining to the changes occuring on our planet and connecting with others who are of the same vibration. Cleanse our chakras and connect to the planetary grid that connects all beings to embody and hold space for these energies to occur within your physical being. 

Great healing and great activations are happening. Be gentle with yourself, and know this is a great time of transformation for the highest good of all. Bask in the blissfulness of these changing times. Follow your heart and soul.

It’s only going to get better and better. 
Love to you, Namaste 💚