Being Open Minded: Attracting Abundance and Freedom

One thing that I learned on my spiritual path is opening my mind. Throughout my life I have been fairly open minded, but as my spirital path unfolded I became open minded even more. 

When we are on the spiritual path we will have no choice but to encounter seeing the truth of things. Sometimes that truth isn’t pleasant, and if we choose to stay close minded and ignore it or go into denial then we will have blocked ourselves from the liberation and freedom that comes with knowing the truth. 

Staying open in all aspects allows us to be fluid and go with the flow. When we go with the flow we allow ourselves to be changed and tranformed. Without allowing this we would never grow and never become who we seek to be. We need to allow our minds and hearts to be open so that the universe (God, source etc.) can transform us and our lives in miraculous ways. 

Allowing ourselves to learn, unlearn, and relearn constantly allows us to see the big picture to everything. Allows us to change on a deep level as beings. Change is constant, it is fluid and necessary for deep inner and outer growth. Allow the universe to move you and your thoughts around. Abundance and freedom is just in the other side of fear. Don’t be afraid of change. It will only lead you to the truth, and the truth will set you free.