Earth Magic

Magic and power does not only exist in the ethers and the cosmos. Earth, offers so much more than we give her credit for.

Everything on this planet has magic and metaphysical properties and correspondences. Where one person sees a regular toothbrush, another sees an opportunity to transform the reality of that toothbrush as a tool of cleansing the throat chakra.

We are in charge of our reality, and what we say, is. What we believe, is what shall be. All is energy, atoms and molecules dancing together endlessly. Only changing and transforming to what we think.

“Quantum Physics tells us that nothing observed is unaffected by the observer…”

-Neale Donald Walsch

We affect, and create our reality. We change the energy of things by simply looking at them. So who’s to say, your shoes can’t be a tool of having a successful day? Charged with your intention, anything is possible. Anything, can be, anything. This is why it is always important to monitor our thoughts. The ancients new this Alchemists, shamans, witches new and know this. Now scientists are admitting this.

Not only are we creating, changing, transforming, absorbing, and/or transmuting things daily, creating powerful changes but so is the planet we walk on. She is also, energy. She is also, a live being. She gives, so much, for our use with respect. We, and all we use, including our physical bodies, come from and go back to Earth. This is all hers before it is ours. If we can respect this, and respect her and her inhabitants, then she offers a magic like no other seen.

Flowers, crystals, plants, water, animals, and even things that have been man made, from materials given by Earth all have their magic! They all have powerful energy that can assist us in our daily lives if we so choose to see it this way. If we so choose to activate the gifts given to us by the reality we have created.

If we take time to meditate on our own beliefs of what something is, we will find certain words or memories of what that certain essence is to us. That is where the properties and correspondences are found. That is where we have created that reality for that certain thing, or being. If it is negative, it can be changed, if it is positive it can be changed. We create what is, by choice. Where you see something negative and avoid, someone else sees positive and is using in their healing work to create lasting change, and vise versa.

If we get past our belief systems, we see the truth of what is. That all is energy, we can change this energy, and we do. This simple yet very powerful standpoint is what activates the energy, and magic in all things we set the intention for.

A tree, seemingly unable to speak, suddenly can to us. Water, seemingly not holding any other use then watering the earth, becomes a tool to renew your life. The very body you live in, seemingly a temporary prison to this Earth, becomes a sacred and powerful companion given to us by dear mother Gaia.

An example for better understanding is this: Rain water. Rain water as we know goes through the hydrolic cycle going from the sun heating the ocean, evaporating and rises to the air and so on and so forth. Just here, we already have one correspondence.. Cycles.

If you continue to think on what something is, what its typically used for, or known for, and what it means to you, and what it could be used for then you find the magic it holds. From there, you get creative on how you use it.

This reality is not a prison, it is not dead. It is alive and full of wonder, power and pure magic. As you choose and walk this path, Earth will begin to unfold her magic before you. Showing you a path of true beauty and manifestation.

Open your eye. See the magic that surrounds you on this earthly plane. Let it increase your power in love.

Happy Journeying.

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