Divine Self Love

Self love is SO IMPORTANT on the spiritual path. When we are facing layers upon layers of destructive habits and patterns we must learn to love ourselves enough to be patient. The corrupt systems in and out of ourselves control with fear, and the only way we can dismantle them is with love. 

The only thing that can bring us closer to our higher consciousness and the divine is love. I spent most of my life in ego, and when I realized I had more than what is beyond the 3D world, I tried to use it to change my life. The reason this didn’t work was because I was doing this from a place of pain and hurt, and I just wanted to get out. Instead of loving, I was running. 

Anything we feel, anything we go through, anything we see, touch, hear about ourselves we must embrace in a loving way. No, it’s not easy because of how clogged our vision has been, but that’s just it. We are worth it, we are worth the efforts we put in because we are our very own version of the divine. We have universes and galaxies inside of ourselves that only WE can use. They can only be unlocked with love.

When I began to embrace all aspects of myself, understanding it’s all in divine order and trusting in the strength and power inside.. That is when I began to shift. That is when my frequency changed to match the vibration of the reality I truly wanted. 

Embrace yourself and love yourself and I promise, you will find EVERYTHING you seek. You will heal the pain, your vision will be clear, you will reach higher dimensions. So love and allow yourself to receive love. The time is NOW. The Earth is changing, the Universe is shifting, and it will not wait any longer because it is ready to move forward. Are you?