Hang On Tight! Shifts Are Happening! 

Today there was a huge event that happened with our Earth. 


Just a few hours ago, the natural frequency of our Earth, or the Schumann Resonance, hit it’s highest recorded value, ever. This is the natural heartbeat of our planet that all biological life entrains to.
Normally this frequency has hovered around 7-8Hz since it was discovered in 1953. Over the past couple years, it has been increasing. In 2014, it would start spiking to 14-16Hz on  certain days. Last year, we would see it hit 30-40Hz.
Today it shot up to 90Hz. “Yuuuge spike!”
Scientific analysis shows that our brainwaves will entrain to these frequencies. By definition, entrainment is “to draw along with or after oneself.” So essentially, the Earth is shifting higher, and drawing our minds along with it. 
Ironic that this spike was on the symbolic date of Easter. We are co-creatively resurrecting the Christ Consciousness upon our planet. 
That’s a pretty important thing, just wanted to let you know.”

Via Jayme Woodman from United Universal Lightworkers

With this extreme shift happening we can expect some amazing things happening!! Earth is changing her frequency to that of the crystalline earth we are entering. Which is one of pure state of love and harmony. With the Earth bringing us along with her on this journey we can expect: 

  • Manifesting to happen much more quickly. 
  • Ringing in the ears more frequently (listen!) 
  • Moments of lightness and bliss 
  • Ascension rapidly increasing 
  • Spiritual capabilities arising and growing 
  • Release, release, release 
  • The need for more water but less of an appetite 
  • Brain fog or acute awareness (depending on your own frequency)
  • Pure joy and bliss or boredom and sadness (again depends on your frequency)
  • “Aha” moments and more spiritual phenomena 
  •  Systems breaking that aren’t in alignment with the higher resonances (inside and out!) 

Be sure to rest and allow. Surrender to what is, and trust all is well. Take time to meditate and connect with this beautiful energy being given to us. Ground into the higher dimensional reality of the New Earth. 

We are all being reborn right now. 

Allow this deep transformation to occur. Allow the shifts to help you soar into oneness. What is on the other side is more beautiful than one can imagine. Just get through the crap, release what you no longer want or need, and embrace the lightness of this shift. Continue to go within. 

We can expect these shifts to happen all throughout 2017. They will only get better and better. Be ready for the ride of your lives. Stay centered and connect with Gaia and those around you. Know you are not alone with what you experience and do not resist any of it. We are being divinely guided and protected right now. 

Do what is necessary for your highest good and the highest good of all. Be true to you. Your soul is screaming now, listen to it! It is time. 

I love you. We are one. 

Namaste ~