Mundane Life Turned Spiritual

So, we the people of the spiritual community are still yet a part of the mundane world of the physical plane. Sometimes we wish to stay above in the higher dimensions and completely forget about being fully present where we are. This is because we have found more, beyond this planet and dimension and we got bored of being present on Earth.

Well, our whole purpose as human beings is to be bridges from the Divine to our Earth Mother and anchor in these higher frequencies and dimensions into this ever present moment, so as light workers, energy workers, and healers we may change this planet and raise it to those dimensions and consciousness we are always reaching for.

However, I know the mundane life can be frustrating when we have to do things that are still part of the system built on lies. The best thing about this is though, that we can bring the new earth of magic manifestation and peace by anchoring it into these activites and responsibilites. I have compiled a list of ways to turn the mundane world, spiritual on a daily basis so that we really get in between the cracks of this system and change everything. It all starts with the small things.

Washing dishes: What are these things we place what nourshes our physical existence on anyway? What kind of energy is placed into them on a daily basis? Good? Bad? Nothing at all? When we do dishes we usually go through the motions, or get sucked into our minds. However, whatever you are feeling and thinking does actually effect what you are doing and touching. So take this opportunity to give thanks for being able to have cooking utensils to heat your food to remove bacteria, and give a perfect flavor. Give thanks for your dinner plates for giving a place for you to effectively eat your food. This puts good energy into the plates that will then be felt and absorbed the next time they are used.

Cleaning house: Light a candle, burn some sage, and go to town. Not only are you cleaning the dust and trash, you are clearing out old and stagnant energy that doesn’t serve you anymore! If you’ve had a stressful week here in the 3D world, that negative energy can be pent up in the tight spaces that a messy house keeps. If you set the intention to make cleaning house a ritual to connect deeper to yourself, and finding peace it can be and it will last a lot longer on this plane. Its all about intention.

Showers/Baths: Whether its to your child, or yourself, showering and bathing can be quite magical! You can one, cleanse negativity and any blockages with the element of water and two, wash a golden light of healing and love over your entire body, literally! You just set the intention and do some visualization and you have made magic!

Making food: This is one of the most important things we do in the day. We are providing our physical bodies the necessary nourshment for vitality and comfortability on this plane. If you do dinner and you focus on what you need to do next, what has happened in the day, what ticked you off etc you are placing this energy into the food you are making. So try to be present. Take a moment to realize what you are doing IS something sacred. It really is divine. Use this moment to thank the earth for providing you the necessary nutrients for your temporary stay here. Be grateful to the food for taking care of your body, and thank your body for telling you when it needs nourishment! This places such wonderful energy and frequencies into your entire life!

This is only a few ways of many that life on this plane can be just as magical as life in the ethers. It takes self discipline and acceptance of this world, but once its done, the whole planet can change, one small step at a time. I hope that once you get started with what I have given you, you allow your soul to guide you through the rest. Happy Earthing my friends.