We are all going through it! (DNA Activation) 

Lately, there has been huge shifts going on in this world. We are being dragged or willingly going through the shift of the new world, into the 5D. Everyone will feel this at some point or another. Those who refuse won’t be brought a long and will have to be somewhere else. 

This is happening because at the culmination of 2012, the Earth centered her consciousness in the Fifth Density. Which have birth to a new paradigm. However, life here in the lower density is remaining uncovulted, poisonous, and intoxiated. If this continues, it will risk the emergence of the New Pardagim and the future viability of a successful creative harmony for all existence on Earth. So, a necessary “great cleansing is now necessary to secure the future of 5D life on Earth. 

We are being removed from everything no longer serving us– emotional, physical, mental, and etheric blockages; activating strands of our DNA.This is not the first time this has happened however, but this time it is going to stay.. Not everyone is going to ascend. Chances are if you’re reading this, and it resonates with you, you are going to. 

We are starting to embody our higher selves and right now we are the bridge between the physical and higher dimensional planes. While this is happening we will have Ascension Symptoms or DNA Activation symptoms. These kind of DNA activations aren’t always the kindest to start. This is only because we have decades of junk that is coming up and finally clearing out. 

As we ascend, the more powerful our thoughts and emotions will become The Law of Attraction will become either our best, or worst friend depending on how we choose our thoughts and actions. 

It is important to rest, renew, and love yourself during these times. Drink water, sleep, heal. Don’t succumb to anything lower vibration and 3D.