New Moon Solar Eclipse 2017 MessageĀ 

The collective message for this New Moon Solar Eclipse

We are full, the glass is overflowing and it’s okay to let some things go. There is no need to give what we don’t have, conserve your energy, go deep into your heart space to connect with your truth and inner strength to carry with you on the journey of transformation that lies ahead. We are eternal beings and our energy is infinite. We sometimes forget this when we are giving it away, or letting someone else have power over it. Take it back, conserve it, and allow yourself to have comfort in knowing what lies ahead is just what the world needs for the next big step in world peace. We are so close. 

Allow the endings to take place because they are truly no longer of service to humanity or ourselves individually. The darkness destroys, but it also creates. Take a moment to see what is no longer serving, no longer creating, and let it go. Free yourself from illusion, and mature your ego. It is time to stop resisting what is, and letting the divine plan just take place. No one and nothing is bigger and better than the divine, so let it be. Only we can be the ones to set ourselves free. 

Deck: @seedsofshaktioracle

New Moon Leo July 2017

This new moon in Leo on the 23rd calls us to action. Leo is the sign of leadership, fire, generosity, ego, pride, and action. Which aspect are you feeling this new moon? 

This new moon calls us to manifest our desires by being grateful for what we have now. Creating a gratitude jar and placing one or more things we are grateful for everyday for 30 days is a wonderful way to train our minds to stay in the conent feeling of gratitude. 

What are your thoughts giving birth too? What is being illuminated for you? Are you taking action where it’s needed? Are you always reaching for more instead of being grateful for what you have now? These are questions to ask during this new moon. Take time to be grateful for all you have so that the energy of new can help you manifest more of what you are grateful for in abundance. 

Align yourself with gratitude as you take on this new role of personal power this new moon brings. Your ego may be illuminated at this time and your fire may slip. Find gratitude, awareness, and love during these times. When we align with gratitude we are open to receive the gifts the universe offers us. When we focus on the negative we are in resistance and closed off. Take some time to think about what you are grateful for for the new moon in Leo. 

Allow yourself to be immersed in gratitude so that you may bring more good things too you with the energy that is present. This is a time of action, no more holding back. Be humble and grateful rather than prideful and discontent. You will feel happier and the universe will work with you on your goals and dreams if you are grateful for what it has given you now. 

Start a gratitude journal, gratitude jar, or visualize all you are grateful for and all you will be grateful for once it’s achieved. This is high manifesting energy, watch your thoughts and words.