Multidimensional Selves

We are all bridges to the Divine, we are all multidimensional. Our physical vessels connect the higher realms to the lower realms. We connect Gaia/Earth to the higher dimensions and vise versa. 

When we stay grounded in our spirital capabilities, and stay grounded in Gaia when we raise our vibrations, we are also able to bring those vibrations here to create the New Earth. During these times especially (as chaos is everywhere), we need to stay grounded to our roots. Connect with the earth and connect with the love inside of you to find harmony. 

Rather than trying to float away into our higher selves, we need to bring the energies here. Right here, right now. We are all needed here as it’s our divine plan. We are all one and we work as a collective. 

Rather than allowing yourself to be sucked into the matrix allow yourself to open up to the Divine. Connect with your “higher self” and your guides. Meditate and raise your vibration to allow yourself to be this bridge for amazing energies. 

As beings with these capabilities it is extremely important to ground them into the earth and ourselves so that we are the source of light in the storm. We need to go inward and find the peace within us so that it can be brought into this world. We all have a purpose here; we all have a light to shine. 

Meditate, go within, unplug, ground, and most importantly, love. 

Self love allows us to be in the Divine flow. We are the universe and the universe is us, when we love, the universe loves. When we suffer, the universe suffers. We need to work on our own consciousness to see changes around us. We are all alechmists and creators of our own reality. Become the source of light for the darkness. Illuminate your suffering and then learn to embrace and turn it into love.  Then, you are able to help others. Then, the negativity is removed. Then, we can be our whole and pure multidimensional selves. 

“Be humble for you are made of Earth, be noble for you are made of stars.”