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Transformational Times 

Times of great transformation are taking place. The cosmos are growing stronger with the earth connection and if attention is paid we can see this. What is happening outside of ourselves is also happening within us and vise versa.  We are going through a time now where the garbage and gunk are being cleaned up… Continue reading Transformational Times 

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Channeled Message: Shifting Into Peace 

CHANNELED MESSAGE: On the Scorpio Full Moon 2017 The collective is going through massive release, ascension levels are high. We are releasing old, old patterns, behaviors, beliefs etc. We are igniting the flame within us to burn away what no longer serves us and what has caused us pain by conditioning and ego traps. We… Continue reading Channeled Message: Shifting Into Peace 

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Grand Release, Let Go!

For the month of April we have experienced many, many different forms of planetary shifts, solar storms, geomagnetic storms etc etc that are working in our favor to aid in the ascension of human kind. For the next month or so we are to expect immense release. There will be many people experiencing power struggles… Continue reading Grand Release, Let Go!