Transformational Times 

Times of great transformation are taking place. The cosmos are growing stronger with the earth connection and if attention is paid we can see this. What is happening outside of ourselves is also happening within us and vise versa. 

We are going through a time now where the garbage and gunk are being cleaned up and out and turned into what serves humanity. Things may seem to never be going right, it may be a painful time. This is simply the caterpillar stage in cocoon to turn into a butterfly. We may feel trapped, and lost but this is only the seedling stage. 

It’s extremely important that we now focus on what matters and what we desire. To focus on the good. Is your soul leading you or your wound? Asking ourselves this question is important for spiritual growth, ascension and happiness. Which wolf are you feeding, the light or the dark? Are you able to find oneness, balance? 

Each experience of this time will be ever more unique. Every one of us is growing, and ascending in some way. Shifting our perspectives is key. We find we are the creators of our life when we make the choice and claim the role. We then create the lives we want. 

Let what goes, go. Let what is, be. Set your boundaries and stand your ground, but be compassionate and forgive. The collective is now going through the time of finding balance in all things. We are rising higher, and going deeper. Things may come up and things may happen that we don’t quite understand. Let them, love them, then release them. 

The lunar phases and planetary alignments are now affecting us even more during these transitional and transformational times. Activations are still taking place and now we are being guided to see the truth, accept it, and be the flow. These cosmic events take place every day and every month, pay attention to how your daily life is affected. 

Begin to accept the truth of what is and allow balance into your life. Remember that love is unity and unity is ALL. Know that this too, shall pass and the truth will set you free. 

Be gentle. Namaste 

Channeled Message: Shifting Into Peace 

CHANNELED MESSAGE: On the Scorpio Full Moon 2017
The collective is going through massive release, ascension levels are high. We are releasing old, old patterns, behaviors, beliefs etc. We are igniting the flame within us to burn away what no longer serves us and what has caused us pain by conditioning and ego traps. We are releasing, releasing, releasing. 

The power struggles have been real this shift. Our egos are almost constantly being challenged, and everything around us is changing. The shift is no longer able to be ignored. There is no more hiding as we face ourselves head on seeing mirrors everywhere. Being almost forced to face our shadows and remain in love to break free of our own chains. 

Unity is coming about between all and balance is taking place. Where we see fire we must be the water. Where we feel the anger we must then be the love and compassion. Purging for all is big right now and it may cause distress, sadness, depression. Physical symptoms include: 

  • Headaches from higher chakra recallibration 
  • Hunger or non hunger from release 
  • Tiredness from our bodies adjusting and working to ground these light codes being received 
  • Random feelings of spaciousness and peace 
  • Random feelings of pain and irritation 
  • Feelings of noticable heat in the hands or anywhere the energy is being released 
  • Tingling feelings from activations 
  • Thirst from release  

The physical symptoms aren’t as frequent  as they have been with other shifts because this shift is affecting us emotionally and mentally more than any other one. We are facing all aspects of ourselves and bringing it to the light through what we see in others and what they bring out in us. We can choose to ignore this and never heal it or go within and do the healing to achieve peace and freedom. We need to use eagle perspective to see past situations. Use our discernement to see what a situation is really about. Be careful of those who will fight against the light and remain in your power of love. Protect yourself by asking your guides to do what is necessary for you to move through this process safely. 

We can expect light codes in high amounts at this time as the sun puts itself in place as a portal for these activations to be placed on earth for all humanity. Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with everyone that you are able. Keep going within. Keep searching and pushing forward. The light is there, you just have to find it. 
Love and light all

Grand Release, Let Go!

For the month of April we have experienced many, many different forms of planetary shifts, solar storms, geomagnetic storms etc etc that are working in our favor to aid in the ascension of human kind.

For the next month or so we are to expect immense release. There will be many people experiencing power struggles and the deflation of the ego once all is said and done. We are really getting into the deep, dark past and root of the issues that still affect us today. We may experience extremely uncomfortable emotions that seem low-vibratory.

These emotions that come up will be intense, remember that this is just release. Keep reminding yourself this is just release and release it. We will experience awareness of our old patterns and they will arise within us to be acknowledged and healed. Relationships may now especially end because we are letting go and losing interest it what is no longer in alignment with us.

There isn’t just hurricanes ahead. It is also a time of great, great awakening and stepping into our true and divine personal power. We are remembering. Remembering who we are, why we are here, what has kept us asleep for so long. Our egos are being transcended as we begin to lose grip on what we thought we had control of. Let it go. Release your need for power over others and begin to tap into the power that comes from love and unity.

We are fully releasing the old paradigm of power and shifting into the new paradigm of power.

We are receiving activations to further align us with our highest good and the good of all. Earth will continue to shift and change and raise in vibration just like we are.

Listen to your inner guide and allow yourself to be open to others as the universe speaks through us all. Learn from the past and release it. Stand in love and remain grounded. Listen to your body and listen to your heart. Let the old paradigm fall away and the new paradigm emerge. It is happening and it is happening now.

You are strong.

I love you