Emotional Release and Letting Go

Cultural conditioning has taught us that if we allow ourselves to feel, we are weak. This is so untrue, the strongest tree doesn’t resist the wind, it flows with it. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel the emotions we feel, allow ourselves to simply be with them then we end up burying them, and we are convinced that they are gone until they come up again and we decide to lash out on someone or something else. This causes us to be unconscious of our actions, thoughts and emotions. Creating habitual patterns of self destruction. 

When we feel an emotion that we don’t like it is important to just be with it, allow it to be there understanding it will pass and allow ourselves to feel it and embrace it. In doing so, it comes up, and out and is released when it has served it’s purpose. Our emotions are our teachers, when we feel an emotion we don’t like, for example anger, then this is the perfect opportunity to figure out why we feel this way and look at all the options on the best way of dealing with it for the greater good of all involved. Think about it, when we get angry because of something someone said and we just lash out at them with more anger, doesn’t that just escalate a problem and no point gets a cross? There’s no understanding and nothing was resolved. 

Whereas when we take a look at WHY we get angry at this, then we can find the core reason to this and see if it’s worth responding at all or the best way of responding. I know that because there has been so much conditioning and so much emotional junk a lot of us have built up over the years, it may be easier said than done. This is where this becomes a journey of healing and self love. 

If we just take the steps to do this we can return to our pure and natural state of fluidity,  happiness, and inner peace. Rest in the knowing that you aren’t alone in this process either, everyone either has gone through it or is going through it. It is a process that with each step, rather than becoming more miserable we become happier and that much more free. 

Take the steps to allow yourself to heal. You deserve the happiness and inner peace you have been searching for, but it took work to force ourselves to not feel, so it will probably take work to get yourself to feel again. It will get easier the more it is done, and you will become happier and more free with each moment you take to nuture your feelings and be with them. 

The more mindful you can become of your emotions, the less you will react and the less old patterns will control you. You gain your power and self control back. Love yourself enough to do this for yourself. It is time.