See The Big Picture 

“You have to acknowledge that something is there before you can even touch it.”

This is something I had said during a conversation between me and my twin flame. When I said this I realised that I was being used by spirit as a channel at that moment and these words surprised me. They sent my mind on a roll and I have been guided to share just what this was. 

If we aren’t willing to acknowledge something we certainly aren’t going to touch it. This goes with everything. This goes with spirituality, ascension, chakras, enlightenment, pain, discomfort, truth etc. etc. We can go all our lives longing for these things and yet they feel out of reach. 

When we see an apple in front of us, we (usually) are able to see all of it. The curves, the color, the stem, the light parts of it and the dark parts of it, we see it all. In deciding to acknowledge the apple, we have been able to fully see it and we are able to then touch it. If we look at enlightenment, and we decide we only want to see some parts of it; the happiness, vitality, the “all-knowing potential”, and not the mistakes, the ugly truth, the cracking open of the wounds that are meant to be healed, then we can never fully touch enlightenment. 

This can be applied to literally anything. In order to be able to even touch something, we have to acknlowlege the whole of its existence. The good, the ugly, the bad, the happy. If you see half of the apple you are more than likely only going to eat half. It doesn’t mean that the other half of the apple isn’t there, it just means you are choosing to stay closed to it.  Allow yourself to open up to all possibilities and perspectives to fully acknowledge the whole of existence of what it is you seek. 

From here, touching, seeing, feeling it, is only the beginning. It just takes one small shift in perspective. One small decision to allow ourselves to see all aspects of what is, and then being able to fully grasp it and experience it. We will gain enlightenment, knowledge etc. And see that there is only more. A vast and limitless more to it all. 

See the big picture.

Love and light