Love is Always The Answer 

Through geostorms, pole shifts and energy waves; chaos and healing; ascension and reprogramming; the merging of worlds/dimensions and falling of corruption and lies; whether it’s within or without, the very core of everything is love. If you feel deep enough, look deep enough, you will see the essence of love and divinity.  Even for things… Continue reading Love is Always The Answer 

Aliens and Dimensions · Health · Spiritual

Intuition vs. Fear

The 3Rd Dimensional world has been one of fear for decades, it’s all that it has become. So, we have been conditioned to live in a fear-based mentality. We live inside of our heads rather than the expansiveness of NOW. This has made us become out of tune with our inner voice, and unaligned with… Continue reading Intuition vs. Fear


Full Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse, and Pentagram Planets!?

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Leo, a Lunar Eclipse and planets are aligning as a Pentagram! This means that it is a time of transformation, balance, and finally letting go of those things from the past that no longer serve us! For this full moon there may feelings coming up that are hard… Continue reading Full Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse, and Pentagram Planets!?