The Inner Child: Heal Your Wounds

The Inner Child, our lifelong companion and our true self. We embody this when we are children but because of constant conditioning and brainwashing, we tend to block it out and become the “adult”. Then allow our ego to take the place of our inner child. All the while, the inner child is there but being locked away, hopeless and confined. 

Not everyone realises how important connecting and being our inner child is. We are taught by those who want to repress us to lock this child away, be obedient, and fit in between certain lines as they see fit. Well, when we allow this to happen to us, we push our true selves, our inner child down into the darkness. 

Picture this. Little you, 5 or 6 years old. How do you feel? What is the expression on your face? Now, call your beloved child names, tell your child how to be and that it can no longer express him/herself as she is anymore because that’s just the way things are… Can’t do it right? If you can.. Well this article is even more so for you. 

Our inner child loves unconditionally, forgives, and allows us to experience our natural state of pure bliss, creativity, play and joy. It is our ultimate connection to source and our absolute natural state. We can tell this is our natural state because when we feel negative, we are unhappy and we want to be happy, and experience all of the other emotions that are aligned with our natural state. Our inner child comes out when we talk about or do something we are passionate about, it comes out when we express our truth wholeheartedly and don’t hold back, it comes out when we don’t allow others to determine what we say or do and we flow with life and love and play. 

It is important that because we have allowed our child to be hurt without taking the time to nuture it that we do so now. 

We must go within, and seek our child. This can be done simply by picturing our little selves standing in front of us, and by listening to our hearts, we know exactly what our inner child needs to hear and so then, we tell it what it needs to hear. Our inner child’s desperately want to come out and play. It wants to show and teach us the lessons  of love, joy, peace, bliss, and the pure happiness in seeing life as an adventure. This has been taken from it, and it is our job as the adult to give our inner child the nuturing, care, love and protection it has needed. 

Healing The Inner Child


There are numerous ways we can reconnect with our inner child. One of these ways is by simply meditating. Once we develop a well enough meditation practice, we can begin to connect with our inner child. We can visualize our inner child, and speak with it. Allowing the layers to be pealed back, allowing whatever emotions that come up to come up and know you are being healed. Do this frequently, tell your inner child and mean it, that from this day forth you are going to dedicate your life to giving yourself (inner child) what it needs and that you are here for it and that it has a safe place in your heart at all times. 


Another way we can connect with and heal our inner child  is by bringing mindfulness into our lives by working to stay aware of our thoughts and emotions. We can use this to figure out what we need in this moment. When we feel negative emotions, we can go within and see if it is an issue of the past and if it is, we can tell our inner child what it needs to hear. For example, say I experienced jealousy of another person for something they had. If I go within and see it’s just an act of being ungrateful then I can work to see what I am grateful for and focus on this. If I see this is an issue of something traumtic in my life such as being taught by others that there is never enough, and always having things taken away from me, then I can tell my inner self/child “It’s okay. You are provided for. We have everything we need. I am taking care of you.” This simple act can tremendously change your life. 

Stop Caring What Others Think

A huge step to healing our inner child is to stop listening to what media says, what society says, and even what our negative ego says to ourselves. If it is negative, and it doesn’t feel good then it’s not our truth. Our truth feels good. So, anything less is simply a lie that we need to refuse to believe. In focusing on what we know is right in our hearts, and forgetting the negative programming of others thoughts and beliefs and breaking ourselves free from this by healing and loving ourselves, we connect with our ultimate truth, higher selves and heal our inner child that much more. Be authentic! 

Allow Yourself to Play

This is important as well in connecting and healing our inner child. Our inner child has the wisdom of knowing that life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. It always wants to play and is always curious. When we get the urge to dance, sing, run and jump, the best thing we should do is just that. Allow yourself to indulge in play! Seek out adventure in the smallest of acts. See life as our playground where we can be and do anything we truly want. Draw, paint, build, create! Whatever makes you feel the enchanment of life, do it. 

These are all simple, yet such effective ways of healing our inner child. Everything is connected, our inner child is the foundation to our learning adulthood and wise older selves. We cannot fully connect with our wisdom, knowledge or even our spiritual gifts without connecting to our inner child. As said before, our inner child is our TRUE selves. Allow your child to come out and play, give your beloved child the love and care it needed. You will see the happiness that blossoms, the joy and inner light that shines, and the newfound love for life that results. 

Come out and play, you are loved and accepted!