Why Mediation Should Be Important To Everyone 

Meditation is widely talked about in this day and age, and many know what it is, but not why the heck it’s so important!? 

Well I’ll tell you why meditation should be important to absolutely everyone. 

For those who are religious and believe meditation is “against” their religion, look at this. You pray and pray and pray, seeking answers right? What do you do after you pray? You go right back to what you were doing before or what you have to do next filling your mind with the many different things that our thoughts give us to think about. You’re seeking answers, but get upset when they aren’t answered. We need to be still. We need to be silent. We need to listen to hear the answers being given. Meditation can assist us with finding the answers we seek, no matter what your beliefs are. 

For those who don’t believe in anything of the sort when it comes to a higher power. Don’t you go through times where you just are too stressed and thinking too much? Can’t focus? Well meditation helps us to still our mind. It shows us tools on how to remain focused and alert. We age faster and get illness much faster when we are stressed and always in our heads, meditation can help to remove this unecessary stress. 

For those who are confused and don’t know what to believe or what is even going on in their lives let alone a higher power. Meditation would be especially good for you. During meditation we can contemplate. In doing this we find answers, gain insights and awareness to situations and circumstances. When we are confused meditation can help us to stay centered and help us to really use our mind usefully to find out the why, what and how of things. 

For those who are new to the spiritual path. We tend to seek outwardly for guidance because this is how we have been taught. When we wake up and realize there is more than this third dimensional matrix, we start seeking answers. Meditation is especially good for this because it causes us to go within for our answers. Everything we need is already inside of us and mediation can help us not get lost in others truths and find our own. 

For those wanting to develop gifts of any sorts or remember who you are. Meditation can help you because it connects us with our true essence. It brings our focus to exactly what we need in this time for our highest good. In this act, we align ourselves with what is necessary to develop and remember our gifts. 

Meditation is good for absolutely anyone and everyone. It just takes time, patience and a little bit of love to stick with it. Through meditation we find these things: 

  • Happiness 
  • Stillness
  • Inner peace
  • Joy
  • Abundance 
  • Answers 
  • Better mental activity 
  • Healthier brain and body 
  • Decrease in illness 
  • Bliss

And many more things, but it is important when going into meditation to not focus on what it can give you as that exudes the point. Go into meditation without a goal and just experience what you experience without judgement. Then let the love flow and the journey take you places you never imagined. Take that time to meditate and I promise you won’t regret it. 
Love to you