The Importance of Grounding Our Higher Vibrations

As everyone is beginning to wake up, or have already woken up and want to reach higher planes of consciousness, we strive to reach for the higher vibrational state of being and try to stay there.  This is terrific, as it is our natural state, however sometimes we forget the immense importance of grounding. If we were meant to be so high in vibration constantly then we would no longer have a physical body. This isn’t meaning that we have to be low vibration, this just simply means that we need to ground these higher frequencies into our bodies. 

Our souls are vast and limitless and closely connected to source, we are currently in the process of or already have attained the merging of our physical bodies with our higher selves, and because of this amazing feeling, we naturally strive for more. This is not a bad thing, however if we forget our physical bodies it will have its natural consequences.

We are here to be physical vessels of these higher frequencies and turn them into matter. This is our unique gift as human BEings. We must not forget about our physical bodies because when we get lost in being pure light, we still have our physical bodies to tend to, and when we don’t respect and honor our bodies innate wisdom we will eventually come ‘crashing’ down. What I mean by this is because we have a body, we are connected to it until we ‘die’. When we leave our body and go into the astral realm; when we reach higher frequencies and get close to source, we must always come back to our bodies. 

If we decide to try and stay in such high states then our bodies tend to be completely ignored. We tend to forget how sacred our bodies knowledge is and how much we can really learn from it. Just by simply being in our bodies we can find the same wisdom and enlightenment as we can by reaching higher dimensions, connecting with other multidimensional beings etc. 

If we forget about our bodies, it will start to shut down on us and work against us rather than for us, which will then bring us back into our bodies but as a much more undesirable habitat. It is inevitable that we come back into our bodies because this is what we have chosen in this realm. The higher frequencies and consciousness that we achieve  must be grounded into our bodies and into the Earth. 

Our physical vessels are what hold us here on Earth, and we all have chosen to be here for a reason and this reason isn’t to just jump right back into the spirit realm. We are here as bridges and anchors for the higher vibrations. If we try to detach from our bodies, and do this for too long then we become ungrounded causing depression, anxiety, irritation, and illnesses. Each moment in our bodies is sacred, and it is not to be taken for granted as we reach higher levels of consciousness. 

We can ground these frequencies by doing yoga, doing grounding meditations, getting a massage, or any other productive activity that brings us into our bodies. Balance and grounding is even more important at these times because we all need to help our bodies adjust and adapt to the higher frequencies given to us. Stay rooted!