Full Moon in Leo, Lunar Eclipse, and Pentagram Planets!?

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Leo, a Lunar Eclipse and planets are aligning as a Pentagram!

This means that it is a time of transformation, balance, and finally letting go of those things from the past that no longer serve us!

For this full moon there may feelings coming up that are hard to confront. Along with feeling tired, and feeling like we are being pushed to where we don’t want to go. It is all the divine process and I promise it is as it should be. Greater things are coming!

I’m going to be doing a special Tarot Reading for everyone who purchases a session from now until tomorrow night. This reading will be specifically for this Full Moon energy.

Where does your inner power lie during this Full Moon? What do you need to release? What are you being challenged in? What will the Universe (higher consciousness, God etc.) provide you with during this phase? Where can your foundation stand to strengthen? Where can you obtain that strength? What psotive energies will come to fruition this Full Moon?

If you would like a reading just go to the Store page and we will book a session!

Renew and release!