Full Moon Virgo: Let Love, Let Go

In honor of the Full Moon in Virgo, and many people wondering why so many negative emotions are coming up,  I have done an Oracle reading with the assistance from the hidden realms to help us understand the energy and what we need to do about it. 

This Full moon (and everything along with it) is creating tension with opposites. Even though our truth is that we live in Unity, we experience the duality of faith and doubt, love and fear, right and wrong, black and white. We are being asked to accept that although we may be going one way, another may call to us to change direction. 

Now is the time to inquire whether it is our ego or soul leading us. There are always choices in life decision making also solves inner conflict. If you’re torn between two dragons, the one you choose to feed is the one that wins. Which is it? If it’s not the one that serves the highest of your intentions, deliberately feed the other and the fuel will be won in your favor. 

We are being invited to also let go and let what doesn’t work fall away. Maybe we aren’t  allowing things to change because we are more comfortable with the familiar, even if we know that it’s not the best we could create for ourselves. 

Fear of change is a crippling experience, as it works against nature itself. The task at hand is to allow for an ending, as it’s timely and right that we do so for the highest good of all. In surrendering to the fundamental purposeful change, we will most definitely find ourselves in better circumstances. The action needed is allowing. Rebirth will occur. 

The next week will feel intense energetically but in allowing and moving from a place of intuition we allow rebirth and peace. 

We can do this. Love and light