Intuition vs. Fear

The 3Rd Dimensional world has been one of fear for decades, it’s all that it has become. So, we have been conditioned to live in a fear-based mentality. We live inside of our heads rather than the expansiveness of NOW.

This has made us become out of tune with our inner voice, and unaligned with source. For a long time, I was un aware of my state of consciousness and what I thought was my gut talking to me, was really just old fear based patterns repeating themselves in different ways.

Getting in tune with our intuition can become easier the more we focus on right now, and the more we go inward. We can ask ourselves “why do I feel this way?” “does it feel restricting or expansive?” “does it have intense emotion attached to it?” these questions will help us realize if what we are being pushed to do is either the unhealthy, toxic patterns we’ve become acustomed to, or if it is a genuine tug from our intuition. Make sure what you are feeling is based in the NOW rather than reactions from the past.

Don’t let fear control your life and keep you from your full potential,  we are beings of love and we are infinite.