The Ego is a Tool

The Ego-the part of ourselves that defines ourselves. The “I am me, and you are you”.  The Ego is something we all have been born with.  It is simply the part of ourselves that is aware of ourselves.. If used correctly.

We were born into a third-dimensional world, and with this world brings the gift of ego. Now, many people define the ego as a negative trait, which yes, it can very well be. However, if disciplined, can be used as a tool for the spirit. The Ego is what keeps us in our physical bodies. The Ego is what anchors us. 

However , we must learn to discpline ourselves and come from a place of love, otherwise the ego will take over. The Ego analyzes everything, gives name to everything, and if allowed, will make it seem like everything is seperated. The Ego only sees black and white. It only sees real or unreal. Death or life. 

The Ego has turned into something to be seen as bad because we have lost the connection between our spirits and our physical vessels. The Ego can, and is meant to be used as a tool for awarness. Once we have come to that realization that we are one with all that is, that everything is in Divine Order, and that there is never really Death as we have been conditioned to believe it is, the Ego will be obeying rather than leading. 

When coming from a place of whole awareness of what is, and from a place of presence, we can use our Ego as a tool for greater enlightenment. It is no longer a negative aspect of ourselves, it is simply a tool to be used. 

Since we have been so conditioned to be afraid of death, anything that the Ego perceives as death (meditation, truth, enlightenment) it will try to get rid of. It will do this also in the way we have been conditioned to get rid of anything we don’t like, however that may be. The Ego is only a small part of our brain. When we decide to let go of analyzing, holding onto what can only be seen then we have taken that power back. Then we can see the bigger picture, rather than the tunnel vision of that small part. 

The best way to take control, and remove yourself from the ego mind is to bring awareness to it. You bring awareness to when you are stuck in the ego mind, and it dissipates. You can then use it to do things for your greater good. 

You can decipher the ego from the awareness by simply referring to how you are feeling by something. Awareness is expansive, liberating, painful in the most freeing way (because ego is “dying”). While Ego is straining, fearful, and works to believe we are separate from everything because this is simply the consiousness of it. 

When we take back our power, and we remove ourselves from the tunnel vision of the ego, we can reach peace, enlightenment, and sharp focus.