Pendulum Dowsing Reading-Core Issues and Answers: Family, Life, Spirituality, Work, Relationships ETC

With this dowsing session any questions can be asked and the answer will be in relation to the core issue and answer. This shows answers for ANY area of your life that you wish to find guidance about.

The chart used is connected with each persons astrological chart individually, allowing true and accurate answers all the way down to past lives and deeply rooted psychological affects on our daily lives.

This reading can help you get to the root of anything, so that you may set forth on a new path with greater awareness of the issue or question and lead a better and more satisfactory life. This can give you answers on what to do, where something comes from, what the real issue is of something and much much more.

Example questions that can be asked:

Where does my apprehension come from?

How can I find happiness?

What does my relationship bring?

Why is my financial state the way it is?

What can I do to evolve spiritually, or in any other area of my life?

What does my sadness, anger, fear etc come from?

These are just some examples of questions. Feel free to speak with psychic healer Cici upon purchase or email for any questions or concerns.