Love is Always The Answer 

Through geostorms, pole shifts and energy waves; chaos and healing; ascension and reprogramming; the merging of worlds/dimensions and falling of corruption and lies; whether it’s within or without, the very core of everything is love. If you feel deep enough, look deep enough, you will see the essence of love and divinity. 

Even for things as small as anger, or being so exhausted we cannot function properly. Everything is either a calling for love or an action for love. Whether it’s self love, or divine unconditional love from those we love. Look deep, feel deeply and you will know this. 

As we go through times of pain, struggle, and fatigue we must remember love. Love is the highest vibrational frequency and let’s be honest, the best feeling that we can have. The best part is, it’s inside of us. Love is the foundation of who we are and to feel loved we just need to access it. Act in love and be in love–with ourselves, our lives and those around us. 

There is huge shifts happening, massive awakenings and upgrades happening. This is causing us all to release things we had no idea were there, along with what we did know. Rather than getting irritated and reacting in old ways, and with negative thought patterns and the fear based mind, we are being asked to act with love, compassion and forgiveness. 

These are the times where we have amazing opportunities to look within ourselves to really see what needs to be healed, and the energies around us are hear to assist us in healing them. This is a time, if anything, our character shows the most. Are we of spirit? Or are we of the past negativity we hold onto? Do we choose to create our reality? Or do we choose to stay in the unhappiness we created? 

All of the events cause us to go within and when we find something we don’t like, send it love. Love is Always The Answer. Love heals, love empowers, love is power. Love conquers all. 

I love you. You are loved. Love yourself. I promise, it’s in everything. Just see it. Just feel it, and let it liberate you from darkness. Let it transend your fears.