Love Is In All Things

The Sun is 92.96 million mi away, and yet just by simply shining it has the power to help even the tiniest seed grow. The Sun, along with the Moon and Mother Earth has the ability to bring life to even the tiniest seedling by simply being itself, and by choosing to do so every single day.

The Sun brings light to us day in and day out. Nourishing down to our very cells. Nourshing and giving strength to everything around us. Ancient Edgyptians, Mayans, and Aztecs knew and even worshiped the power of the Sun. They knew that the Sun has powerful energies that can transform sickness into health, and bring knowledge and wisdom.

The Sun nourshes our physical vessels, while the Moon provides us with nourishment for our souls. Pulling at the ocean just as much as it pulls on our hearts. Mother Earth provides us with nutrition and essential medicines. This is all done in Divine Harmony. Every single one of these things we tend to ignore on a daily basis are living, pulsing, beings. 

The Sun doesn’t stop shining because someone curses it, the Moon doesn’t stop shining because someone acts with hate, and Mother Earth doesn’t stop providing us with all that we need because there is man attempting to destroy her. 

Day in and day out whether we know it or not they all fight for us. They keep shining upon us, keep providing us with LOVE. There is love in everything around us if we look. Now, why would there be this strength in love with everything except us? 

We are not beings of the hate we happen to see around us. We are connected to all things. We are stardust, and made from the very same thing of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. We are beings of Divine Love. In realising this, we can realize that just by simply being who we really are, we can bring the very same light, strength, and pull on the hearts of others. 

Coming more into this love that is in and surrounds ALL things, we can bring light and love and change the course of the future, bringing it into light and love even from across the world. Even from galaxies away. You feel the Sun, you feel the Moon, you can feel the Earth. I promise, all you have done to come into your own light, others can feel it too. 

All things are love and harmonious. We must simply just remember this, and be it.