Understanding The Negativity 

During times of transformation things get shaken up. This particular time of transformation has brought a lot of crazy emotions and circumstances. We are losing our minds (and even feel like it) because we are stepping into spirit and unity consciousness.

We are all experiencing the effects of this New Earth transformation in one way or another. Some of us feel sick, tired and emotional. While others feel blissful, healthy and happy. Then before we know it, the ones who felt unhappy and sick become blissful and on top of the world, and the ones who were blissful become sick and unhappy. Of course it’s important to be conscious and remember this is all apart of the shift and is ALL completely necessary.
Polarities are merging and negativity is being drawn out and released so that we may begin completely new in the New Earth. During this time, there will be a lot of this negativity that will be projected out into the world. The negativity is demanding to be seen so that it may be healed.

When we experience our own negativity we must remember there is nothing wrong with us. We must be kind and compassionate to ourselves and seek to understand where this comes from and how we can heal it rather than creating more negativity by projecting it out into the world.  When we see others being negative towards us we must remember that they too are having to release decades of toxic patterns and junk that have absolutely nothing to do with us individually. So, we seek to understand and be compassionate as well.

Compassion and understanding are so key during these times, it allows us to stay in alignment with higher dimensional consciousness. We are seeing such negativity swirling around because it’s ALL finally being fully released and seen to make the last touches of inner healing and clearing so that we may fully and wholly enter the New Earth dimension. Be kind to yourself and others and seek to understand.  Allow everything to be as is. All is well, and all is happening in divine timing and order. Trust the process and relax into yourself. Know that all that is happening is happening for the highest good of all.
Photo credit: consciousvibrancy