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Benefits of DNA Activations 

The Inner Essence gives an amazing DNA Activation to those who seek it. There are many, many benefits to these activations and they are listed below: Higher awareness All psychic and spiritual abilites unlocked Detox of toxins and old programming through generations New, clean karmic slate Reaching, accessing and entering higher dimensions Increased senses Complete… Continue reading Benefits of DNA Activations 

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The Inner Essence now has a YouTube channel that all which are not blogs are vlogs. Most of the messages being given to all will come in the form of videos now, so be sure to subscribe! The videos are done by Facebook Livestream and can also be found on The Inner Essence’s facebook where… Continue reading BLOG GONE VLOG

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Ascending to the 4-5th Densities, and 5D!

The Earth is finally going through a major transformation and shift. This is something that is long over due, yet right on time. Things are picking up pace and having dramatic effects on everyone and everything. The Earth as we know it is transitioning and ascending to the 4th and 5th Densities and changing into… Continue reading Ascending to the 4-5th Densities, and 5D!