Aliens That Help Earth: Ashtar, Pleiadian, Sirian, Acturian 

If you don’t know by now, or don’t believe it, now is the time to start believing that aliens are contacting earth. They have been since the beginning. Our government made a deal with the Grey’s and now our government is currently ran by Reptillians and Hybrids. However, this is not what I have been guided to write this article about.

I have come here to tell you it is not all gloom and doom. No not at all, not even close. There are other aliens or light beings that are currently, and always have been helping those of us on Earth. We are to know that these beings have been protecting Earth, and they are certainly keeping a very close eye on Earth right now. They are assisting Earth in its ascension and movement into the New Earth.

We are urged to call upon them for assistance in dispelling negativity, dismantling any corrupt systems in ourselves, removing implants, and further progressing our ascension process.
Ashtar and Ashtar Command 

These beings are also known as the Galactic Federation of Light. This is a group of volunteer angelic beings and aliens who have come together in love to help protect and further help those of Earth and all her inhabitants. Ashtar is the “commander” but not as seen a commander in the 3D plane and is under ultimate direction of Lord Sanada. This is a group of many different beings and aliens, yes that includes Grey’s and Reptillians. Just as not everyone on Earth is of darkness, it is the same elsewhere. These light beings have protected our free will since the beginning of time.  Some of us here on Earth are of this command and came here to be a voice for it. If we call upon them they will ensure us protection, love, and assistance if we are pure of heart intentions.


Sirian aliens are strong light warriors with strong connection to dolphins and whales and are from the planets of Sirius.  These beings created the Atlantis, Edgyptian Pyramids, and Mayan Times and have been assisting Earth ever since. They are advanced in the metaphysical sense and help to develop spiritual knowledge and healing. If we call upon them they will help us with activations and healing and knowledge. They help great a suitable ecological system for our planet. A lot of atlantien knowledge can be traced back to Sirius.


This group of aliens are one of the most advanced out there, these beings are from Pleiades.  Those who are spiritually attuned to them tend to send their messages through music and dance. We can call upon them for any light body activation, any assistance in anything we can bring our minds to that involves spiritual development. They help with technology as well as they are highly advanced in theirs. They are always communcating through channels they have here on Earth to bring awakening and awareness.


These beings are in control of our gateway to birth and rebirth. These beings live on the 5D planet of Acturus. Of which is our protoype for future earth. These beings are pure love and teach us that the key to the 5th dimension is love. These beings are very high in vibrational frequency. They communicate with us through telepathy most times and have some of the most advanced healing methods avaiable for us. They offer healing capsules that our etheric and astral bodies can travel to to heal our etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. If healing is needed, these aliens are best to be called upon.
As said before, there are many other aliens and light beings, however these four particular types are working very hard to assist earth in its transition into the New Earth. A simple call upon them will allow portals and gateways to open for great healing, knowledge, protection and advancement.

I will be posting about each group of beings individually giving more insight on who they are in the near future. Subscribe to the blog to stay updated!