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Your very own uniquely picked, extremely sacred and handmade set of runes. This product is completely natural, and ethically sourced. 
With these runes, we go to the Crystal Mountain in Arizona where the entire mountain is nothing but crystals. Here, mediation takes place on the intent of finding a fallen tree branch of pine, oak, maple, or whichever sacred nature spirit of wisdom and protection calls to respectfully choose what one calls to each individual. During a walking meditation with spirit and you in mind, a branch is chosen that calls to assist you on your own spiritual path. The piece of fallen tree is then taken home and cut into 24 pieces of the Elder Futhark runes, the original Norse runes. The runes are then sanded, and painted mindfully while chanting each symbols name to infuse the rune with the energy. Then the protector of the runes is called upon to protect the runes and the one who uses them on their journey with the runes. After this, the runes go through the anointing and cleansing process. First each rune is carefully and lovingly smudged with lemongrass, sage, cedar, and Palo santo. Next, we use specially made natural oils from herbs and a mix of full moon charged water to anoint each individual runes, and then finally, they are left on an alchemy enchanting chart to finalize and help the runes harness the powerful energy they hold, that are made just for you. Then they are shipped to you, to serve as a powerful, and sacred companion. These runes are meant to be used only by the original user. No energy shall cover the runes other than that of the divine, and the original holder unless guided otherwise. These runes prove to be an ultimate friend and companion to the one who holds them. ~It is recommended that you carry the runes with you until you feel it is time to use them. Eat with them, sleep with them, go to family gatherings with them in your pocket. This way the runes attune to your energy, and familiarize with your daily patterns and habits, along with knowing what is going on around you. When it is time to use them you can use them in divination, protection, or just carrying them around you for each of their specific medicines they offer. What is included in this purchase: ·One set of 24 Elder Futhark runes including a blank (WYRD) one. ·An organza bag for your runes. With sage inside for protection of energies. ·A short guide to each runes name and correspondences in divination. ·The story of your runes, and how they got to you.

What are the Elder Futhark Runes?

The runic system was in use by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of Nothern Europe for both secular and religious purposes. Runes are pictographs/alphabets representing the forces and objects in nature. Its believed by calling upon the appropriate rune, one could thereby make contact with the force in nature the symbol represents.

Over the centuries many different forms of the runic alphabet has been formed. For the runes you use here we use the original alphabet, Elder Futhark used most widely in 200 BCE and late eighth century. This alphabet contains 24 letters and is divided up into three groups of eight called, Freyas Eight, Hagalls Eight, and Tirs Eight. These names are of the gods and goddesses they dedicated them to.

The runes were used in battles, in the building of the homes, and at home in secret for divination at these times. Only the high priests and shamans would use the runes for divination. The runes were mysteries to the people. They were forces, secret allies that for their knowledge could be used for any purpose. The knowledge was given to very few, to those who were worthy.

There were runes to influence weather, aid in crops, and heal the sick. Some runes would be combined to make the influence of both be present, such as luck and protection.

Runes, like any other ideograph are a frozen symbol of an actual state or concept. This gives the runes their magic. Just like any form of divination, such as tarot cards.

The tribes that used the runes in their everyday lives, saw each one as sacred, devoted companions and it helped them achieve great success in many things in life. With connection and respect for your runes, they will show you things unseen to those who do not understand. They will show you a whole new world.

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