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The first elixir ever to be offered here at The Inner Essence, and it is a well deserved first. Well Being Elixir gives you just what you need for a boost in overall well being. This Elixir is being sold for a limited time as stock for this product is limited!

 Once this batch is sold out, that will be it! Get yours fast!This tincture was crafted and infused for over an entire moon cycle, and is blended with a very special syrup mix that really brings it all together. Every part is hand foraged, hand picked, handmade. All with complete love and conscious intention of the wellbeing of all those who partake in this elixir. All organic, all natural, no fake ingredients, no toxins, vegan, gluten-free, and no toxic and unbeneficial ingredients.

This elixir has the tincture of yarrow and peppermint, along with a syrup of elderberries, sugar cane, distilled water and a dash of maple syrup. All created and blended in such a way that the result is sweet enough to internally ingest both by itself and in your favorite beverage. Place drops under the tongue or in your drink daily or when needed and your body will be in gratitude and health.Peppermint helps with allergies, the common cold, indigestion and gas, IBS, gastric ulcers, pain relief, and is known to relieve fatigue and depression as well as having so many other benefits to our overall wellbeing.Yarrow helps with amenorrhea, acts as a mild sedative for anxiety, naturally treats mastitis, helps reduce muscle spasms, helps reduce high blood pressure, and is another plant that has a long list of benefits to our wellbeing.Elderberry is a very powerful healer used for centuries. It has been and is used for influenza, sciatica, headaches, infection, dental pain, heart pain, nerve pain, works as a detoxifier, helps with pain relief, swelling and inflammation. Is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, supports the immune system, helps fight cancer, fights harmful bacteria. As said before, a very powerful healer.Maple syrup not only is a natural sweetener but it also contains important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as zinc. It fights inflammatory diseases. Has an antibiotic effect, and is a much healthier alternative to other sweeteners.Sugar cane is another very healthy natural sweetener, just like all ingredients in this elixir it helps to fight cancer. Aids in digestion, prevents heart disease, helps in reducing weight, and is good for treating diabetes. Another one that contains important minerals and nutrients for wellbeing.Taking this elixir daily will ensure you a healthy, happy body. With magical and spiritual benefits of the energy of each plant is a bonus for those who work with plant allies in their craft and work. Each ingredient is its own unique energy and provides benefits for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. The only well being their truly is.Like many medicines both of and not of nature, this one can have adverse effects on some people. This product is not recommend for those who a pregnant or breast feeding, or have gastroesophageal reflux diseases. Always speak with your health care provider upon ingesting anything you are unsure of.

Age -- Dosage Younger than 3 months -- 2 drops
3 to 6 months -- 3 drops
6 to 9 months -- 4 drops
9 to 12 months -- 5 drops
12 to 18 months -- 7 drops
18 to 24 months -- 8 drops
2 to 3 years -- 10 drops
3 to 4 years -- 12 drops
4 to 6 years -- 15 drops
6 to 9 years -- 24 drops
9 to 12 years -- 30 dropsAdult- 2 droppers full

This listing is for one 1OZ dropper bottle of Well Being Elixir.

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