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Flower meadows, deep ancient forest, wise nature. Abundance flows freely, effortlessly, untainted here. Utopia, where all is in harmony, where all is abundant, where magic, bliss, wisdom and enlightenment are ways of all. A place we all carry within, and so wish to have outwardly. A place, and energy that manifests into Utopia Oil. 

Utopia oil whispers sweet energetics of soothing comfort and euphoric bliss to our being. Welcoming the mind into a state of ease, harmony and love. Comforting aching hearts and nourishing our spirits. Grounding us into our primal nature, connecting us to our roots. Uplifting us to places of divine wisdom and knowing. Connection, peace, harmony, abundance. Ever growing beauty and life. 

Utopia is a place within, that we all have access to and Utopia Oil takes us on the journey there. Guiding our minds into that place within where all is well and pure. Where all is in harmony, and all our dreams and desires are taken care of. Where we are supported, loved and nurtured. Where we are always abundant, and alive. 

With natural, organic, vegan, nontoxic oils and botanicals, you are taken into the realm that is Utopia. 

To use: apply to wrists, neck, ankles, and temples. Use during meditation or breaks. Apply some in the palm of the hand, cup hands over and inhale for aromatherapy benefits. 

*10 ml glass roll on bottle* 

Ingredients: 100% pure organic virgin cold pressed sunflower oil, rose flower, helichrysum flower, lavender flower, elder flower, chamomile flower, chamomile EO, lavender EO, helichrysm eo, geranium EO, cyrpress eo, eucalyptus EO, patchouli EO, frankincense EO, orange eo, ginger EO, lemongrass EO, clove EO, and love. *organic *natural *vegan *crueltyfree *glutenfree *nutfree *soyfree *sulfatefree *additivefree *no b.s.
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