Unicorn Dust

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A colorful shimmery fizzy bath mix to tend to your inner child’s (or your child’s) joyful, magical nature. With pure, natural, organic, vegan,  nontoxic ingredients. 

Tune into the hidden realms of the unicorns, wise and pure creatures that bring protection, balance and peace. Helping us to acknowledge our inner strength, divinity, magical nature and innocence that we all carry within. 

To use: sprinkle desired amount into warm bath. Store in a cool, dry area, keep away from moisture. Use within 6 months. 

Ingredients: magnesium salts, aluminum free baking soda, citric acid (crystallized fruit acid--- for fizz), lavender and calendula infused sunflower and olive oil, neon pink water, neon blue water, neon purple water, pink mica, lemongrass essential oils, lavender essential oils, Helichrysm essential oils, floral mix. *organic *nontoxic *Vegan *cruelty free *no B.s. 
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