The Gatekeeper Ocotillo Tincture

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Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) is an exotic cactus-like, thorny shrub indigenous to my home state Arizona. She grows abundantly and has been used for hundreds of years for her fierce and powerful gatekeeper protection and constituents. Ocotillo is fierce and extremely powerful, yet generous and sweet. Ocotillo is a Gatekeeper of the desert, and stands to be one of the most powerful allies of it.

Ocotillo m o v e s stagnation in the body. Ocotillo is a kick-butt ally that has been used for many benefits. It's recorded benefits are it being useful for poor fluid movement, lymphatic drainage support, congestion in the lower bodily organs both lymphatic and venous, blood stagnation, reproductive health support, metabolism support, and respiratory health support. Ocotillo has been shown to move stagnation within the energy and body to support the returning to balance and homeostasis.

Ocotillo is a strong, fierce, potent and powerful desert dweller. She is the mother of the land she stands upon. The gatekeeper, the mover, the antenna, the wise and powerful protector. She makes the best of good times and survives the worst. Providing food and shelter for beings in need, but fierce and relentless in her boundaries. One cannot take from her nourishment without first enduring the heat and the thorn. She stands tall reaching toward the heavens and strongly rooted in the earth. All parts of her provide wisdom and nourishment. She teaches us boundaries, respect, vulnerability, protection, mindfulness, honor. To stand firm, strong, confident in our boundaries so we may give abundantly. Ocotillo teaches us that in order to receive, we must first open to it, we must call for it. Teaches us that though we may be asked to go on a journey we may not feel ready for but in the depths of our blood, our pain, our exhaustion, is our nourishment and liberation.

All can benefit from Ocotillo in some way, just being with Ocotillo and sharing our thoughts and feelings with her we can feel the deep wisdom flowing from each stem ready to receive it simply by opening up with respect and honor for this beloved ally. This plant has been a powerful force of nature in my life and I am so grateful to bring it to you.

The Ocotillo in this tincture is wildcrafted by me and my family. We do no take without giving, and do not take without asking. We gather with love, joy and respect. Ocotillo demands no less. We exchange energy and love through our hearts and minds to each one. Asking in reverence to partake of its nourishment and show my intentions for its magic. The process of harvesting this Ocotillo is deep and sacred ritual, honor and love.


*2OZ Glass Dropper Bottle*

To use: Not to be used by children under 6 years of age. For children 6-12 use 1-4 drops 1x daily. For children and teens 12-17 use 15--20 drops 1x daily. For adults use 30 - 40 drops 2-3x daily. Consume in a glass of water or under the tongue. If adverse affects or allergic reaction takes place, stop use immediately. Ocotillo is powerful and should be taken and consumed mindfully with care and respect.

Ingredients: Distilled Spirits (Vodka), Wildcrafted Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens).

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