Sweetness of Love Soy Candle (Limited Time)

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Love brings a sweetness with it. A nectar of life that drips around the heart, smooth and sweet like honey. With this sweetness is warmth, tingles, and a deep sense of wholeness. 

With love, we are complete. With love, we are our true and natural selves. With love we relax, we are present, and we bask in the deliciousness that is each moment. When love offers us its sweetness we feel it in our bones, and sink into being. We are held. We are enough. We are exactly where we are meant to be. 

Sweetness of love is an organic handmade soy candle that brings the sweetness of love into the environment which its flame burns. Soothing tender hearts, calling anxious minds, creating a space for connection where there is disconnect. 

This candle works as an energetic anchor and radiating center that sets the tone of the room for sweet love to infuse each being within it. Sitting with this candle while reading, meditating, or even love making of all its many different forms will allow you to be open and receptive to the potency of this energy. 

Light this candle so that its subtle but potent energy will work on the unconscious level, shifting the brain, to greater states of ease and relaxation into the center of love. 

The sweetness of love is like a slow bite into your favorite treat. It is the sugar for the soul, the syrup for the heart, and the salve for the wound. 

Tap into the sweetness love offers by lighting this candle with intention, and letting it work its energetic and physical magic as the aroma is sent through your smell receptors, into the nervous system, and throughout your body. Allow this organic, non toxic candle to guide your body and mind into a state of bliss, or light to simply enjoy a body safe and environmentally safe, lovingly made candle. 

*6 OZ reusable glass jar 


*This product contains no additives or hazardous chemicals. This product contains soy, non toxic fragrance, and essential oils. 

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