Sun and Moon Toner & Setting Spray

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A face mist toner and setting spray in one that harmonizes the skin and the sun and Moon energies within. Created with sacred alchemy and natural, organic, vegan no b.s ingredients. This mist works to harmonize skin imbalances, soothe skin irritation and inflammation as well as stimulate cell growth and blood flow. It will tighten, tone and firm the skin, while allowing it to relax and be soothed and hydrated. 

Also working as a makeup setter, it best works with The Inner Essence all natural, organic, vegan, toxin free and no b.s makeup line. It will lock in color, and allow for the makeup to last all day, as well as providing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for healthy, balanced and glowing skin. 

This mist is created with alchemy to bring harmony to our personal sun and Moon,  our light and darkness, bringing in balance and peace between these aspects of duality. Connecting us to unity, oneness and peace. Honoring the cycles of the universe. 

*1OZ glass spray bottle* 

To use: After applying makeup, spray 1-3 sprays over face. After cleansing the skin spray 1-3 sprays over face. 

Ingredients: Distillled water, ACV, vegetable glycerin, calendula, lavender, white willow bark, frankincense resin, candelilla extract. *vegan *natural *organic *toxin free *no b.s. 
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