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A skincare ritual set that harmonizes and brings balance to the skin, and our spiritual energy. Sun and Moon balances the skin and fights blemishes and inflammation leaving only clear, smooth skin. It is a set perfect for oily and acne prone skin, but can benefit all skin types with nourishment from plant medicine. As well as aligning our light and darkness as one, living in harmony and alignment with both. 

Sun and Moon is a set to honor the rhythms and cycles, the light and dark and duality. Bringing it together in unity and harmony just as the universe does. It is a set that calms and soothes the skin but also stimulates circulation and cell growth. Bringing death to unhealthy skin, removing dead skin cells while bringing life and vitality to renewed and refreshed skin. 

This set consists of Sun and Moon Cleansing Powder, a powder that works as a gentle cleanser, exfoliater and face mask. Sun and Moon Toner and Setting Spray to hydrate and keep the skin clear and refreshed with essential vitamins and minerals as well as work as a makeup setting spray. With the final addition being Lavender and Calendula Balm a multipurpose Balm that soothes and deeply heals the skin providing effective non greasy moisturzation for the skin. 

This set zero waste, organic, nontoxic, plant based, vegan, cruelty free, no B.S. skincare ritual set that will bring harmony and balance. 

To use: In a small bowl, add 1 tsp of powder to it and add your favorite The Inner Essence floral water or distilled water a few drops at a time along with more powder and mix with spatula  until reached the desired amount and consistency. Use to scrub all over face in gentle, circular motions, and you can either rinse off with warm wash cloth, or leave on as face mask. For sensitive skin leave on 5 minutes and rinse off. For acne and oily skin types, leave on for 10 minutes. 

Follow with 1-3 sprays of Sun and Moon Toner and one pea sized amount of Lavender and Calendula Balm rubbed into hands, and then over face evenly until fully absorbed. 

Each item can also be found separately in the shop! 

*1oz glass spray bottle, 1oz twist top bottle, 1 oz tin container* 

Lavender & Calendula Multi-purpose Balm Ingredients: Kokum butter, candeillila wax, sunflower & olive oil lavender & calendula.  *organic *nontoxic *vegan *eco friendly *plant based *essential oil free *natural *no B.S.  Sun and Moon Cleansing Powder Ingredients: Calendula flowers, rosehip Oil, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, white willow bark powder *vegan *natural *organic *toxin free *no bs. Sun and Moon Toner and Setting Spray Ingredients: Distillled water, ACV, vegetable glycerin, calendula, lavender, white willow bark, frankincense resin, candelilla extract. *vegan *natural *organic *toxin free *no b.s. 

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