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The solid aromas are solid scents that last all day, and with the enticing scents, they bring magick, loving energy, and skin benefits. Their name comes from the crystals that are infused into them. They serve as an all natural, organic, vegan, no b.s. multipurpose balm, but are crafted to wear as a solid perfume or cologne with magical and spiritual properties. Each solid aroma has its own unique scent, properties and benefits. The aromas are crafted with an organic olive oil base, and true natural ingredients. Choose that which suits your intentions and desires. Aventurine Aroma: Aventurine Aroma is created with lemongrass, peppermint and lime leaving a fresh and delicious scent that lasts all day. Topping off the aroma with green aventurine. This solid aroma will serve to open the heart, clear obsticales, protect, attract abundance and prosperity, bring good luck in love, ward off evil, enhance manifesting skills, brighten the mood, bring clarification and allow healing in all areas. As well as reduce inflammation in the skin leaving it hydrated and moisturized. The scent of this works like a bug repellant as well. Heart Chakra. Tigers Eye Aroma: Tigers Eye Aroma is crafted with pure Egyptian amber (that was obtained on my trip to egypt) and lavendar, with tigers eye. This aroma will connect you to your psychic abilities, as well as your inner and outer power. This aroma brings about sensuality, psychic abilities, spiritual abilities, manifestation, vitality, success, protection, peace, calm, lucidity, healing of the shadow self, bring balance, psychic protection, patience, luck, and joy. It also works as a pain reliever and anxiety reducer. The scent is sensual floral and musky. Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakra. Each aroma carries magical abundance, and can be used for attracting whatever it is you desire. Wear as a devotion, or simply to carry the spiritual properties, and incredible scents. Guarnteed Love 💗 Each Solid Aroma is stamped with a heart of infinite love that guarantees each aroma was crafted with pure intentional and divine love. This listing is for one Aventurine Aroma and one Tigers Eye Aroma. 2oz. Vegan, natural, cruelty free, organic, no additives, no preservatives, no b.s..
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