Sleepy Time Body Butter

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Sleepy Time Body Butter

This body butter was made initially for and inspired by my granny. She needed something to really moisturize her body, and lavender being her favorite scent this sleepy time body butter was created.Its perfect for those who love to lather themselves luxuriously in moisturizing lotion and body butters before bed, or just to relax after a bath or shower after a long day. This body butter is safe and effective for babies and children, as is very relaxing due to the lavender! 

This butter has no additives or chemicals and is completely organic and vegan meaning its completely safe for all skin types as well! Each ingredient is blended perfectly so as it doesn't go on too thick and greasy but allows you to feel so soft and moisturized for a couple of days depending on your skin type! A little goes a long way so this body butter will last you a very long time.

 Coconut oil is in this body butter which has a multitude of benefits of its own, including supple, healthy, moisturized and healed skin. Along with cocoa and shea butters and lavender infused olive oil, which have been long known for their skin and cosmetic benefits for healing the skin and reducing inflammation and promoting skin health. Deeply moisturizing and soothing, and healing any cracks, rashes, burns, reducing scars etc. They have even been known to help eczema! With the added lavender essential oil you are set for relaxation in all areas needed. With all plant based ingredients you get a dose of plant medicine, luxury and beauty with stress relief and higher vibrations all in one. 

This can be applied to assist in the aromatherapy benefits for anxious feelings and nervousness. As well as whenever your mental or physical bodies just need to have some down time of rest and peace.I have even used it for my restless leg syndrome with success. The smell is wonderful and it feels incredible.

Lavender is also a third eye chakra flower. So this can be used during ritual or ceremony for third eye and root chakra balance. 

This listing is for one 4 OZ sleepy time body butter. 

Ingredients:  unrefined organic cocoa butter, unrefined organic shea butter, pure unrefined organic coconut oil, organic lavender essential oil,  organic lavender flower infused cold pressed olive oil. This product is completely organic, vegan, chemical and additive free. 

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