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Sinus Steamers are here to save the day in a toxin free way! They will help with headaches, sinus headaches, throat dryness, sinus dryness, allergies, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, and almost any other throat and head symptoms. 

Created with plants and oils that fight the symptoms of a cold, allergies, and other unfortunate symptoms from viruses and illness. The steamers work as a pick me up and healer duo! Using only therapeutic grade essential oils and organic plants that will communicate with your body to speed healing and relieve pain. 

Inhaling the steamers through steam, the essential oils and aromas from the plants will be immediately sent into your brain and bloodstream working to help heal and bring ease to your body. Inhaling the steamers will moisten the sinuses and then clear out mucus. It will also moisten a dry and scratchy throat. 

These steamers will reduce inflammation in the body which helps with allergies and headaches. The plants of yarrow and lavender are illness and virus blasters as they work to heal such things at great speeds and with great success. 

With sick season upon us, we can be prepared and find ease with a nice session with the sinus steamers. 

 Each order comes with two steamers! May you go through the seasons with ease! 

To use: Bring a pot of spring or distilled water to a boil. Pour in a glass bowl. Drop steamer in the bowl. Place towel, shirt or blanket over head and bowl to lock steam in from escaping, do not burn yourself. Breathe in the aroma and steam until the water is no longer steaming, repeat as needed. 

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