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Here you can buy custom spells, sigils or mandalas.  Upon purchasing spells: These spells are made to manifest what it is you are seeking. Help fix a problem, and create the reality you want. However, there will be no spells done that harms or manipulates free will of any being. These spells are not shipped out. If you wish to recieve an item that contains your spell and its ingredients either as a pendant or jar, please see MAGICK AND MIXES.  Upon purchasing sigils: Sigils are symbols created to manifest whatever your desire is. They can be used and drawn over anything you need the energy of that sigil in, they can be used to manifest and bring something to you, and many many other things. The sigil will be sent to you via email with a picture you can use, either as a screensaver or to draw or print out yourself and use it when needed.  For more information on sigils please go here: Upon purchasing mandalas: These mandalas are created channeling specific energy. They can be the energy of many different things all the way from your own energy (you, your higher self, etc) to the energy of gods and goddesses in different belief systems. Everything is energy and the essence can be put into a mandala either for enlightenment, or guidance. Mandalas are used in many different religions, and for many different reasons, the most common reason is for expanding the consciousness.  All of these are created by Cici Chapman of The Inner Essence. If there are any questions or concerns please email  For your requests, upon check out you will be given a space to comment, please leave your request there. 
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