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Shower Disks are amazing for the divine masculine (or anyone!) out there who want to pamper and treat themselves without having to take a bath or set aside too much time! Its also amazing for those who want to enjoy a natural, vegan, organic and toxin free shower ritual! 

These shower steamers provide therapeutic benefits to the body and senses, bringing grounding and upliftment. It smells of wood and mint, an unbeatable scent for an all day aroma and moment of grounding meditation in the shower. With cedarwood, sandalwood and peppermint you're set for even five minutes of truly grounding and centering, preparation for a long day ahead, or a restful nights sleep.
These shower disks can work as a lingering cologne or perfume for throughout the day as well as a remedy for fatigue and fogginess. You'll leave the shower focused, clear, grounded and present. 

The disk also bonuses as a cleanser of the feet! Clearing bacteria, stink and fungus. Your feet will smell great, and you'll be deeply grounded and connected as the oils encompass your feet, and are absorbed into your body. As well as fighting bacteria and cleaning the feet. 

These shower disks are made with the masculine in mind but don't get me wrong, all people can enjoy this as well! As a divine feminine, I certainly enjoy it myself! 

Get your grounding and sir scent on, get yourself the Sir Shower Disk. 

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