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If you are looking to come into a state of being and reality full of divine and true Serenity, through products that have been alchemically created to help you, the alchemist of your reality to bring serenity into your life and help you to tap into the serenity within through power of the universe, the elements and alchemy then look no further! 

Here I present to you the product line of Serenity products that have been created through alchemy to bring serenity and all it encompasses into your life. 

This Serenity line of products was requested by The Inner Essence community, clients and friends asked me to create Serenity products, and asked for an entire line of Serenity products! Per high request, it is here! This line contains products that have been created through alchemy, to anchor divine serenity into each product. Allowing bliss, tranquility and peace to flow into your life from all areas.

 Each product is unique but each holds the pure essence of Serenity. Each item is handcrafted with intention. To get the best out of this experience, the whole set is available for purchase. Each product will smell and feel unique to its own nature, but each will bring Serenity into your life. Each product is high in positive and pure energy, purchasing the whole set you get the whole experience and can add serenity and ritual to every area of your life.

This set is created to bring calm, tranquility and serenity to your life. Everything in this line is organic, vegan, toxin free, additive free, preservative free and no B.S 

 Serenity Spray: With handmade Florida water crafted here at The Inner Essence, rainstorm water, and serenity essential oils along with crystals infused into the spray you can spray this on your body and in your home. If you're in need of protection, centering, and calm then you can use this spray. Spray on your pillow, your body, in your car, before social events, or just when you need to bring in and anchor Serenity into your present reality. The scent of this spray is calming, soothing and clarifying. Its earthy and sweet in one. 

Serenity Body Oil: With Shea, Hemp and other nourishing oils, along with other natural, organic and vegan ingredients, you can wear your serenity all throughout the day with moisturized and smooth skin, with a slight fruit and earthy floral scent. It makes a great body scent and great moisturizer. You'll be smooth and serene all day. 

Serenity Bath Milk: With kaolin clay, Epsom salts, dead sea salts along with a blend of herbs that bring in feelings of serenity. This bath milk is vegan, and it will detox the body of toxins, balance pH levels, and relieve stress. Along with bringing in the energy of Serenity. So you can soak after a long day, or anytime you need a quite moment soaking in pure bliss. 

Serenity Incense: With chamomile, makko root and essential oils this incense is toxin free and organic. It is pure therapy. Allow the smoke of the incense to fill the area with serenity while gently transmuting negative energy into light. Use during meditation or on your altar to bring in positive energy that will protect you and enhance feelings of tranquility. 

Serenity Candle: An organic soy candle with a sweet earthy scent, topped with chamomile, and lavender, along with yarrow and an ametrine crystal. Creating clarity, confidence, peace, harmony, balance and all that encompasses serenity. The beautiful and incredible scent of this candle will fill the whole room with a truly serene and tranquil energy that smells divine. 

Serenity Aromatherapy Perfume: This roller bottle can be used as a perfume/cologne and also as a simple aromatherapy roll on. The scent is so good, inhaling it brings immediate calm and focus. This roller will enhance your daily life and add serenity around every corner. The roll on can serve as an emergency go to for times of chaos, anxiety, distress, confusion, and fear. An ally and companion on your journey through lifes ups and downs, that will bring serenity into your being. In this oil is crystals of turquoise, peridot and quartz along with yarrow leaves. 

Serenitea: This tea is created with organic flowers and herbs and among which are blue lotus flower and kava kava, among other plants that ease the mind and bring a sense of awareness, enlightenment, harmony and calm. Blue lotus is added for the mind stimulating affects, in small amounts as to make it safe enough to go about your day. A perfect tea before meditation or before bed for enhancing peace and clarity. It may even help with sleep problems and lucid dreaming. All the illusions will wash away and you'll be left in your natural state of serenity. 

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