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Sensus Salve is a plant potion that tunes us into our capacity to feel, to tune into sensation, understanding and everything that encompasses the senses. A salve that is for our sensual nature, our power, and our purpose.

Sensus is Latin and translates in English as ‘sense’. The word itself defines and holds all senses in mind when used. To feel, to understand, to think, sensation, mind, opinion, sentiment, emotion, affection, view, idea, conscientiousness, frame of mind and capacity for feeling. All of which this plant potion is alchemized for. 

This salve will deeply moisturize and soothe the skin with hemp, avocado, and grapseed oils. Along with assisting in womb and wound healing and recovery. Leaving a beautiful sweet aroma to wear as a perfume. The plant allys will work to aid in nourishment for the skin for health and vitality.

The main purpose for this plant potion is for the alchemy that it is come to be. Each plant ally dances together in harmony in this salve working to align and balance your energy. This salve particularly focuses on the lower chakras, and aligns them in sacred dance with the higher chakras. Tuning us deeply into our desires, purpose, creativity, sensuality and divinity and allowing these aspects to take hold and consume us in bliss and allowing us to consciously return to our divinity over and over. Working and doing all things from a space of empowerment.

This salve is crafted to help us connect to the cosmic womb, the great mother, of which we all are from and have within. To learn the ancient hidden wisdom of the vortex of sense within and without.

The human body is not made up of just five senses, but hundreds. Mind, body, spirit. All levels of BEing. This salve will help us to feel our entire capacity to feel in a way that we were meant to. In a way that your heart, mind and soul are ready to in each given moment when using this plant potion.

This salve will sharpen your senses, taking you from the space of identifying and only feeling your headspace, and into feeling the full range of being you came here to feel. Connecting deeply, intimately and beautifully with your entire body, energy fields, pleasures, desires, purpose and divine nature.

This salve acts as a portal to the higher realms of goddess nature. A realm that we all deserve and yearn for, unconsciously or consciously.

Allow it to take and welcome you into your bliss, guide you along in remaining in alignment with your purpose, bringing you back in sacred energetic dance to your sweet divinity over again. Allow it to birth trust within you, harnessing your creative fire and connecting you with the crevasses of the universe that await your touch to birth a new world within your body, mind, and life. Rippling outward to all those around you.

Allow it to take you into your empowered, confident, calm nature. Allow it to take you into your capacity to truly feel, sense and be.


Use in sacred rituals, tantric ceremony, and self love routines. Use in honor of the divine feminine and goddess aspects within you. Use every morning to connect deeply with your purpose, align your energy and tune into your empowerment and truth. Use for a sensual aroma, and to indulge in your senses, for plant medicine and nourishment, and to raise your energetic vibration. 

*1 oz glass container with gold tin lid*

Keep away from moisture and excessive heat. Store in a cool, dry place. May slightly melt in high temperatures, and will harden in cool, temperatures. This salve can last up to a year. 

IngredientsAvacado Oil, Hemp (non- thc) oil, Grapeseed Oil, hibiscus flowers, raw cacao nibs, damiana, peach blossom, shatavari, vanilla EO, sandalwood EO, Davana EO, Angelica eo, hylechrismn eo, rose eo, orange eo, ginger eo. 

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